Democracy in danger

From the Editor's Desk
From The Editor’s Desk By Kathleen Gilluly Laurel Outlook Editor And General Manager
Thursday, January 6, 2022

Today has been one year since the deadly and dangerous rightwing attack on the Capitol, on our freedoms and on democracy. January 6 will forever be associated with the insurrectionists who bought the Big Lie fed by Donald Trump. While the former president continues to falsely claim the election was stolen, patriots must stand up for the truth. Finally, some of the criminals who stormed the Capitol a year ago are being held accountable, but the country has a long way to go before that stain goes away. There are still domestic terrorists in our midst. The rest of us, the majority, must safeguard the country from them and denounce and prevent future violence.

Meanwhile, closer to home: The City of Laurel needs to be forthcoming and transparent in all its actions. After watching the workshop meeting Tuesday night, it’s apparent some councilors and probably staff have been complicit in keeping information from the public. The council wasn’t even aware Mayor Dave Waggoner had been sworn in prior to Tuesday’s meeting. One could conclude his early swearing in was to ensure Emelie Eaton could retain her seat. If her position had been vacated for more than 30 days, the council would have been required to fill the seat while she acted as mayor, as Kris Vogele noted at the meeting. What else have they been doing in the dark?

And, talking about keeping the lights on: Maybe the City of Laurel should invest in solar, rather than depending on NWE. The company has been operating under a curtain of secrecy since announcing plans to build a methane fueled electric generating plant in Laurel. No one from the company has updated the Outlook (or the City apparently) on their plans and that leaves Laurel residents without recourse to object. The plant will increase electric costs to every rate payer in Montana for the next 30 years at least. And the impact will be felt beyond the pocketbook for Laurel residents who will have to deal with the noise and emissions, as well as the threat to our river, homes and livelihoods.


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