Convention attendee points out vetoes

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Last weekend, June 14-15, I attended the Republican Convention in Helena and we were discussing Governor Bullock’s many vetoes.  Here is a list, for your information.

According to Eric Dietrich of Montana Free Press, the 66th Legislature sent 519 bills to Governor Bullock. The governor vetoed 36 Republican sponsored bills. He vetoed Senate Bill, SB 71, pharmacy benefits for consumers; SB 217, introduced by Carbon County Senator Howard, exempting some social security benefits from state income tax; SB 239, property tax breaks to promote rural broadband development,; and House Bill, HB 500, protection of pain-capable born-alive infants.

Several bills were awaiting an override veto but that hasn’t happened in 20 years. Insanity. Many legislators don’t  return their override ballots! Logically, unless they change their vote, their last vote should stand but not in Montana ...

The bills awaiting override were HB 262, consumer protection and fund transfers; HB 394, property tax appeal process; HB 482, agency reporting on financial assistance to tribes; and HB 735, campus free speech. I believe these have already failed the override as well as:  SB 266, revise tax to promote new business and economic activity; and SB 330, authorize sports gambling.

There were a couple of thousand bills introduced. Our legislators worked hard to reduce and pass the good bills. They need our thanks, not our governor’s rejection.

These bills were also vetoed: HB 74, restitution for insurance consumers; HB 132, definition of bison (which veto was late to the Secretary of State’s office); HB 14, sanctuary cities in Montana; HB 238, penalties for false crime reporting; HB 265, FWP easements; HB 290, require child support cooperation for food stamps; HB 323, free association for non-union public employees; HB 325, revise firearm laws; HB 332, require county approval to relocate bison; HB 473, investigation of long-term care facilities; HB 481, private establishments and the clean indoor air act; HB 487, include hydropower in RPS; HB 532, settlements and public right-to-know laws; HB5 34, increase penalties for fifth DUI; HB 537, relating to certificate of need; HB 567, establish Montana school marshal program; HB 579, relating to gambling and player information; HB 753, investigate retaliatory acts by Child Protective Services; SB 8, laws related to extracurricular activity participation; SB 54, laws governing multiple employer welfare; SB 100, mother to be offered view of already performed ultrasound before abortion; SB 216, related to child and family ombudsman; SB 252, major facility siting act amendment; SB 304, concealed carry for legislators and sergeants-at-arms and their deputies; and SB 329, extension of state coal leases. Uufdaa. Too long. Wouldn’t be so many bills if our government wasn’t  out of control. Thank you for taking time to read this. God loves you (John 3:16),

Pat Plowman of Boyd


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