Constitution restrains government

Krayton Kerns
Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

Whether I am becoming cranky because I am an old veterinarian, or a termed-out legislator matters not. This week, it is straight to my point. America is a constitutional republic and every time I hear a progressive candidate promising to “save our democracy,” my blood pressure pegs. It is not that the candidate is misinformed, to the contrary, they know exactly what they are saying. The ignorance lies with the little people who believe mob-rule reigns supreme and thereby vote to empower the ruling class. Knock it off!

At her birth, America was exceptional because our founders recognized our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness came equally to all men directly from our Creator. Government’s only function was to secure those rights. Progressives erase this entire, amazing precept by replacing God with an all-powerful government. God is benched in a democracy. This simple substitution allows the ruling class to profess healthcare, food, affordable housing and a living wage as basic human rights. They are not because the delivery of these created rights requires the enslavement of others. Government can only give you what they take from someone else.

America’s framers soon recognized absolute freedom could not last lacking a basic framework of government. Through great deliberation and under Divine guidance they penned our Constitution, thereby launching the great idea called America. For over two centuries and until this current threat, this document has served as a restraining order on the pathological growth of government. We do not have constitutional rights, instead we have natural rights upon which government cannot infringe. Today, progressives endeavor to use the power of mob-rule to eliminate your fundamental right to defend yourself or speak or assemble or practice a religion in a way others might find offensive. Progressivism, socialism, Marxism and democracy only exist once the flame of liberty is extinguished.

The number is fluid, but at this moment 23 progressives have declared their candidacy for president. Politically, each one is a cookie-cutter replica of the next with each promising to punish the talented, the intelligent, and the persistent for the benefit of the not-so-talented, the ignorant, and the lazy. Through the mob-rule of democracy, they could assume power and erase the dream called America. Benjamin Franklin was right when answering the question as to what the framers had given us—”A republic, if you can keep it.”


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