Congratulations City Employees and Volunteers!

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Congratulations to the following city employees and volunteers for serving the city for a combined total of 108 years! Thank you for everything you do to make Laurel a great community! Sheryl Phillips , city court, 22 years Fran Schweigert , city shop, 21 years Nathan Herman , water treatment plant, 19 years H.P. Nuernberger , WTP, 17 years Calvin Lovshin , custodian, 7 years Norm Stamper , waste water treatment plant, 3 years Kevin Hoffman , city shop, 3 years Brittney Moorman , city clerk, 2 years Melissa Brennan , police reserves, 1 year Elliott Grayson , ambulance, 2 years John Woody , Laurel Volunteer Fire Dept., 11 years


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