Community Hope board thankful for Sen. Tester’s SNAP vote

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Guest Commentary

Thank you, Senator Tester, for voting to protect SNAP in the Senate Farm Bill. Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program ensures that Montanans can keep food on the table during tough times. At Community Hope in Laurel, it is our goal that no one in the community, and surrounding rural areas, go hungry. We serve around 150 families that consist of 350 individuals. Our clients range from hard working families who have a hard time making ends meet, to retired seniors living on a fixed income. We hear from people that find that each month they have less left in their bank account than the previous month.

Our Local food banks cannot do this work alone; we need strong public programs like SNAP. SNAP helps keep food on the table for around 121,000 Montanans, including 17,000 children in Yellowstone County. Approximately one in every five children in Montana struggle with food insecurity, and SNAP helps ensure they are fed.

The US House of Representatives passed a version of the Farm Bill that would take away SNAP from more than one million low-income households, and local food banks cannot make up for all these cuts. This leaves many in our community hungry, and creates set backs in economic stability.

SNAP is a vital program for our community, and helps to ensure that our children have the nutrition needed to grow and succeed. It reaches our most vulnerable populations, such as our seniors, our veterans, and those with disabilities. It provides better dietary intake, reduces food insecurity, provides better health, and supports the economy of our state by increasing money being spent at local food retailers. Proven to help millions of people, SNAP is critical to the well being of our country. Please ask our congressional members to join Senator Tester in supporting the Farm Bill provision the SNAP program. Supporting SNAP is the right path for Montana, and the right thing to do.

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