City Council approves SID resolution

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At Tuesday evening’s short City Council meeting, the aldermen and woman unanimously voted to approve a resolution creating Special Improvement District 118. City Planner Noel Eaton presented the resolution to council as part of the scheduled public hearing. She explained the project would include, “mill and fill overlay,” on the road, and sidewalk, curb and gutter work on S. Washington Ave. The project will be completed in conjunction with the improvements and widening of SE 4th St. at the point where it turns into Bernhardt Rd. There were no proponents or opponents for the resolution.
The total cost for the SID is $205,715 and the Laurel Urban Renewal Agency is funding $10,715 for the mill and fill portion of the project. Bonds will cover the remaining $195,000. The SID assessment will be attached to 35 lots with 17 owners. Only developed properties will have to have sidewalks built. As other lots become developed they will be required to install sidewalks as well. Eaton explained that the street improvement costs are .18 cents per square foot and the sidewalks cost approximately $11.48 per square foot including drive approaches.
Councilman Tom Nelson requested a discussion on the delay of the posting of council minutes to the city website be added to next Tuesday’s workshop. Councilwoman Emelie Eaton requested a discussion of the working budget with updates and concerns be placed on the same agenda, “so we don’t bombard the treasurer at the very last minute.”
Councilman Scot Stokes was absent.


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