Causation, coincidence and climate change

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Thursday, August 1, 2019
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Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor

For the past two weeks, we hosted a guest from Florida. During JJ’s visit, she and Chelsie camped on the top of the Big Horns, took a speed trip through Yellowstone and Glacier plus caught the rodeo in Cody. Flatlanders visiting Big Sky Country are always entertaining.

For the second night in a row, an electrical storm struck western Yellowstone County. Tuesday’s was a real boomer and a nearby flash-bang shot me out of bed to the window to scan the north hills for a grass fire. Seeing nothing, I crawled back in bed but before I drifted off the trophy wife mumbled, “There is a firetruck bouncing up our driveway with its lights on.”

Thinking there was a fire, I jumped into my boots, grabbed my headlamp and headed for the door. Chelsie and JJ were already in the driveway visiting with the fire chief as I trotted into the front yard. Before I reached them, they returned to the house chuckling and told me the rest of the story.

Our guestroom overlooks the CHS Refinery. Laurel natives pay little notice to the refinery flare as it varies every day. Tuesday night’s was a dandy. JJ suddenly noticed the refinery flare for the first time and viewing the flame through the cottonwood trees, she suspected lightning had sparked a fire. Her eightyear-old daughter confirmed she had seen lightning hit the trees. Rather than disturb me, JJ called the fire department prompting the lights and sirens which filled my driveway. Answer me this: Did the electrical storm cause the flare at the refinery? No, it was coincidence, not causative. Do you follow?

Just as the lightning storm’s relationship to the refinery flare is coincidental, so is man’s carbon emissions to climate change. If you are a snowflake or buttercup who believes capitalism, resource development and economic expansion affect the climate and therefore are causing global warming, cooling, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, blizzards and bacterial antibiotic resistance, you have swallowed a lie. Please ask the nearest person to slap some sense in you. Don’t worry, I’ll wait … did that help? Now to the truth.

Ed Berry, PhD published an article in the July 4th edition of the International Journal of Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences and using logic, physics and mathematics he completely disproves the UNIPCC theory on climate change. You can read it at if you care to learn something or you can continue mindlessly regurgitating socialist climate crisis propaganda. Be ignorant or informed, it is your choice.


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