Bob Hogemark takes a look back at 30 years in Park City

Coaches’ Corner 4/6/17
Outlook staff writer
Bob Hogemark

The Laurel Outlook recently spoke to Park City High School track and field head coach Bob Hogemark about the outdoors and the Crazy Mountains. He also provides his answer to one of the most famous unanswerable riddles of all time.
Bob Hogemark is a graduate of Sweet Grass County High School and Montana State University. This is his 35th year teaching mathematics and coaching track and field, 30 of which have been in Park City.
1. What is Park City most well known for? “Park City is best known for the smell of the feedlot and hog farm north of the interstate. It is also known for it’s locally grown sweet corn and other garden vegetables. The truck stop and restaurant are also popular refueling stop for travelers.”
2. What do people in Park City do on the weekends? “Go to Billings to shop and partake in the numerous activities available there, or go fishing and any number of outdoor activities.”
3. What is one secret the residents of Park City have kept hidden from the outside world that you could tell our readers? “It is a nice quiet community that is close to the big city.”
4. What saying or quote would you like on your headstone? “If it is to be, it is up to me.”
5. Where would you love to get lost? “In the Crazy Mountains with my wife.”
6. What so far has been your greatest adventure? “Camping and four-wheeling in the Little Belt and Crazy Mountains with my wife.”
7. What is your proudest accomplishment? “I feel I have had a positive impact on a lot of people through my work and various other activities and my family.”
8. What was the last picture you took on your phone? “My grandson with mashed potatoes on his face.”
9. As science and technology are becoming more important in the modern times, will sports eventually lose their relevance? Why are sports important anymore? “As long as there is the potential for professional athletes to make ridiculous amounts of money playing games, there will be people aspiring to reach that level.”
10. Will Montana be the last state to get self-driving cars? “It is a logical place to have a self driving car, because some of the travel, particularly in Eastern Montana, which is long and uneventful.”
11. What album had the most profound influence over you as a young man? “I have always been a country music person, but no particular album or performer has had a profound impact on me.”
12. If this is the golden age of television when was the golden age of movies? “The 1950s.”
13. What is one lie you believed when you were a teenager that you found out later, as an adult to be untrue? “That I am invincible and will never die.”
14. We don’t know each other, or we barely know each other, I am just the interviewer, an unreliable exhumed sports writer and humble narrator, and you my interviewee, but if you could turn the tables and ask me one question what would it be? “Where did you come up with this weird series of questions from?”
Writer’s Response: “I’m suffering from either a mid-life crisis or an existential crisis. I’m not sure which and I am thinking of getting a cat to cope with my hopeless despair for life.”
15. If you weren’t doing what you were doing now, what profession would you love to be in? “I enjoy what I do currently, but if I could I would probably be working on a cattle ranch somewhere.”
16. What have you spent most of your adult life doing? “Sleeping probably comes in first. I have spent a lot of hours over the years doing a variety of tasks at the school. I have worked on computers, organized track meets, basketball tournaments, volleyball tournaments and corrected thousands of papers.”
17. Do you read poetry, fiction, or non-fiction? “I mainly read news stories, not much of a novel or book reader.”
18. What do you learn from kids you teach? “I have learned that all, or most kids, want is for someone to care about them and take an interest in what they do. Let them know that I am here as a teacher and person to help them succeed in life.”
19. What is your favorite thing about the sport you coach? “Seeing kids get excited when they accomplish something.”
20. In your personal opinion, what is the answer to Lewis Carroll famous riddle, ‘Why is a raven like a writing desk?’ “No idea, but a raven sees things as a writing desk, that probably shouldn’t have been seen, repeated or heard.”


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