Beware of online scams

Thursday, December 17, 2020

In last week’s police report, a Laurel resident had reported being bilked through a dating application online.

Online scammers are on the verge of breaking the $200 million milestone for COVID-19 related scams, according to reports. One scam expected to skyrocket during the holiday season is romance scams with scammers praying on the isolation in 2020 combined with seasonal holiday loneliness.

1. Never Give Money: Do not give anyone you meet online money, no matter the reason.

2. Do not Give Personal Information: Scammers can use basic information to commit identity fraud, get access to your banks and steal your money.

3. Take Things Slow: If you like someone online, do not let them rush you. Nigerian romance scammers will be pushy about falling in love right away. If that is the case, know something is not right.

4. Meet or Video Chat: Do not form a relationship with someone who will not video chat with you or meet you in person.


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