April Fools’ Day may be over, but fools and liars remain

Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor
Krayton Kerns

During normal times, it would be senseless to print an April Fools’ column the second week of April. These are not normal times. Last Saturday, social media was flooded with imaginative fabrications so preposterous even the most gullible readers recognized them as fiction. My favorites were the Laurel City Council announcing my hometown was now a sanctuary city and Wyoming’s Game and Fish Commission releasing 90 kangaroos on the eastern plains. When limited to a frequency of one day per year, these little literary pranks are harmless. However, the fibs published the other 364 days dilutes the single day spent spoofing fools and this immediately brings me to my point.
America faces perilous times due to propagandizing by print, video, radio and web-based journalists. This is professional neglect. At our republic’s founding, the independent media served as an essential fourth branch of government by accurately reporting factual news to the citizenry who formulated opinions based on the rule of law and the absolutes of right and wrong. Sadly, those times have passed and here is why.
Progressivism, Marxism and socialism are synonymous terms in that all three shift power and freedom from the unwashed to the ruling class. President Woodrow Wilson introduced this ideology and FDR expanded it by trapping America’s retirees in Social Security. LBJ tightened the noose around the necks of seniors with Medicare and then snared the poverty class with Medicaid and other welfare programs. President Obama kicked the chair from beneath the not-yet-lynched Americans with Obamacare and somewhere between Wilson and Obama, journalists became indoctrinated, Marxist advocates. Today, it is all they know and report.
After a century, this blinding bias has reduced news stories to fiction as reliable as the story regarding the 90 Cowboy State kangaroos. For example, evidence suggests National Security Advisor Susan Rice illegally surveilled Trump’s associates, yet this story is being intentionally tanked by most mainstream journalists. CNN’s Don Lemon dismissed the entire story as a “fake scandal ginned up by the right-wing media.” Democrats are deviously blaming President Trump’s victory on collusion with the Russians and the media is advancing this fabrication. In truth, President Obama’s operatives illegally spied on Americans so as to prevent Trump’s election or obstruct his developing administration. Surveilling Trump is no April Fools’ fib and it will not be reported in the state-sponsored media. Leftist journalists are not bound by truth.

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