Approving land purchase the prudent course

Gail Brice of Laurel
Thursday, October 24, 2019

In May 2019 Laurel voters approved funds for the purchase of land on which to build a 3rd–5th grade school. In August the school board voted 5-1 to put a proposal to use those funds for a land purchase on the upcoming November 5th ballot. An affirmative vote is the next step in realizing the beginning phase of the school district’s 10-15 year Master Plan. Laurel is expanding. The availability of land adequate to our needs is becoming less and more costly. Let’s follow the prudent course and act now. The educational needs of our children and related benefits to our community will result.

Ethical behavior and moral responsibility will ensure our moving forward in a manner that benefits all. Please consider an affirmative vote on this issue.

Gail Brice of Laurel


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