American Legion approves state-level play without National endorsement

Jackson Mcmurrey
Thursday, May 28, 2020

Talk of the “new normal” begins to make its way into conversation in the area, alongside Phase II of Bullock’s plan to reopen the Big Sky on June 1, and locals are antsy to see what is in store for the next few weeks. Activities such as sports, family outings, etc., seem to be slowly returning to the way things were before the Covid-19 pandemic, albeit with new regulations. So now, it is only natural that there is a degree of confusion as everyone does their best to follow along, play their part, and keep up with constant and sometime sudden changes.

Earlier in May, the American Legion National Organization, as a whole, cancelled all of 2020 season’s Regional tournaments as well as the American Legion World Series. Following these actions, sponsorships and all involvement related to the Legion National Organization’s baseball program were seized for the entire season. For Montana Legion teams, this resulted in the program losing their American Legion endorsement, leaving them to have to purchase their own insurance and find a way to play without involvement of the American Legion.

On May 17, the Department of Montana American Legion Baseball did give word that their teams received approval from their “Department’s American Legion Executive Committee to play the 2020 season as ‘The Department of Montana American Legion Baseball Program—not authorized, nor endorsed by The American Legion National Organization.’” Upon said approval, the Department received further go-ahead for usage of the group emblem-logo as a “one-time limited approval which will expire on December 31, 2020.” This will allow the Legion teams of Montana to play with their jerseys that have the American Legion badge on them without having to cover them up. So, despite not being nationally sponsored by American Legion baseball this 2020 season, these teams will still play as Legion baseball teams, but only at a state department level. The season might still be played as the Montana Baseball League.

This year’s Dodger roster includes: Keagan Campbell, Canu Golden, Ricky Temporal, Kayne Johnson, JD Ketterling, Jaxon Wittmayer, Keagan Thompson, Richie Cortese, Tanner Knaub, Landen Peak, Issac Nieto, Aiden Hill, Braeden Foos, Carmine Terraciano, and Kade McIlvain.


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