‘Wonder Woman 1984’ free at The Vue and Brew Friday

Kathleen Gilluly
Thursday, December 31, 2020

Thanks to the generosity of local dentists Jody Crowl and Taylor Baird, Laurel folks can go see the latest Hollywood blockbuster free on Friday, Jan. 1, 2021. The dentists teamed up with Kris Vogele at the Vue and Brew to offer tickets to “Wonder Woman 1984.”

“Jody has been wanting to do something for the community,” Vogele said, “and this has been such a hard year for everyone.” There will be 75 tickets available per theatre for the showings, he said. “That is half capacity and we are very careful with social distancing.”

Because tickets are limited, folks wanting to attend either the 1:30 or 6:30 p.m. showings should call or email Vogele to reserve them.

“I expect them to all go,” he said. “People should watch The Vue and Brew’s Facebook site for information on ticket availability.” Vogele’s phone number is 697-6215. His email is: vueandbrew@gmail.com

According to Dr. Crowl, she and Dr. Baird enjoy doing what they can for Laurel and the surrounding communities. They participate annually in providing dental services for veterans and others in need. “Dr. Baird is also active with the Sealant for Smiles program for kids,” Dr. Crowl said. “I’ve been lucky to go with her into the schools. And, up until this year, because of the pandemic, we also partnered with another dentistry on a Thanksgiving program.”

Besides giving children and their families a fun night out, Dr. Crowl said, “It’s small businesses helping each other out. We have to support each other and we all need a break.”

Based on the DC comic books, WW84 is the second in the series. The first, released in 2017 took place 66 year prior to the new movie. But WW84 is not a typical part II film. The first movie depicted Diana Prince coming into her own and learning about the complexities of human life. WW84 depicts the more mature and confident super hero as a Smithsonian anthropologist who fights crime secretly. The title heroine is again played by Gal Gadot and a number of other stars share the screen, including Kristen Wiig, Chris Pine, Pedro Pascall and Robin Wright. Additionally, Lynda Carter who played Wonder Woman in the 1970’s television series makes a cameo appearance. While the film has earned mixed reviews, most agree it is full of exciting escapism and is a thrilling ride for audiences.


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