Two LMS students do the ‘write’ thing

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Pictured from left are “Do The Write Thing” writing contest winners Jaiden Popoff and Tristan Willyrad.
Pictured from left are “Do The Write Thing” writing contest winners Jaiden Popoff and Tristan Willyrad.

Mrs. Reimer is in her last year of teaching language literacy at the Laurel Middle school and couldn’t be prouder of all of her students who participated in the nationwide “Do The Write Thing,” writing contest. Reimer is retiring from teaching after spending over 20 years shaping and developing the young minds of students like Jaiden Poppoff and Tristin Willyard, who were both winners of “Do The Write Thing,” writing contest this year, which focused on youth violence.
Both Jaiden and Tristin will travel to Helena on May 6 to read their essays aloud to an audience and listen to a motivational speaker. The top boy and girl to represent Montana will travel to Washington D.C. for an all expense paid trip to see the embassy, visit the Ronald Reagan building for dinner, and do other fun activities.
Mrs. Reimer started having her students participate in the contest because she wanted her students to try something to help prevent bullying and bring their own personal experience to the problem in ways that can be part of the solution.
Both, Tristan and Jaiden are seventh graders and each were happy to speak up on the issue.
“You shouldn’t put someone down to make yourself feel better,” said Tristan.
Tristan learned the statistics and heard many stories and prevention techniques through the writing process.
Jaiden is the head of the counseling group at LMS and has big plans for her future.
“I was the new kid five times,” she said. “If it (bullying) happens to you, find a trusted adult you can talk to, or tell a friend.”
Jaiden wants to follow in her grandma’s footsteps. She has plans to attend Yale in the future and become a lawyer.


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