School district clerk earns credentials

Outlook managing editor

Laurel School Districts’ clerk Donnie McVee was awarded the Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations certification by the Association for School Business Officials International. The certification is a mouthful, but it is also pretty prestigious. It’s new for the organization and eligibility is determined through work experience, education and passing a comprehensive exam. The test covers competency in accounting and school business management topics, according to ASBO International’s press release.
“School business is a unique aspect of public employment,” McVee said in a statement to the Outlook. “The rules and regulations differ from most forms of business and building the skill set to succeed in this business takes dedication.”
McVee faces unique demands in the Laurel School District. Like all public schools in the state, Laurel’s budget is limited and like many schools, facilities aren’t aging well. She also has to budget around what has become a yearly tax protest from CHS. Hired in 2013 by the board, she has braved those frustrations well, and has the support and confidence of the board.
‘When your community and stakeholders depend on you to make the best decisions, being a Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations proves that you have the expertise and experience to face challenges with confidence and choose what is best for your district,” McVee noted. “The Board of Trustees want their communities to know funds are handled with transparency and discernment.”
McVee is glad she made the move to Laurel almost four years ago and said it was a good career move. Plus, she enjoys working and living here.
“My husband and I moved to Laurel in 2013 so I could take this position with the school district. I have worked in Class AA, B and C size school districts, but never one the size of Laurel,” she said. “I saw it as a challenge that I wanted to pursue and am so very glad the trustees gave me this opportunity. I think it has been a good fit and I look forward to living and working here well into the future.”
By earning the certification, McVee has made a commitment to ongoing professional development. She will have to renew the certificate annually and undergo recertification every three years.


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