Police reserve trainees undergo pepper spray training

Kathleen Gilluly
Managing editor

Recruits in a reserve police officer training class were doused in the face with pepper spray during Tuesday's class led by Laurel Police Department's Det. Jason Wells. After undergoing classroom training, recruits got more than a taste of the real thing. After being sprayed, each of the seven recruits had to call for back-up, identify the number of fingers Det. Wells held up and walk around the park before they could decontaminate. Although the recruits, from Laurel as well as Bridger and Stillwater County, were warned about the severity of the spray, several took 20 minutes or more to decontaminate with water and baby shampoo. Some became sick.
"This stuff is strong," Det. Wells said. "You know now why it's important to use it carefully." He also told the trainees that once they utilize the spray, it is their responsibility to get the detainee decontaminated and ensure they don't suffer from breathing or other problems.


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