Obituaries of 2016

The Outlook printed obituaries for the following people from January through June 2016.

Shirley A. Nash, Sharon Gerke, Kenneth Craig Williams, Jennifer Joy (Guenthner) Siebach, Florence Unterseher, Marvin James Krone, Irene Ruthann (Cotter) Anderson and John Arthur Falkavage.

Clement C. Lambrecht, Shelly Ann Krug Smith, Janet Irene Stingley, Kerwin Kostelecky, Joseph Albert Hadcock, Theodore J. Rider, Edna Whitford Sund and Lawrence L. (Larry) Daggett.

William F. “Bill” Kukes, Barbara Bertholf Calvert, Robert Arthur Larson, Fern Mildred Sandvig Christian, Roger Larsen, Albert George Frank, Collin Jeffrey Fordham (Wocket), Marguerite Mayes and Margaret Jacqueline Brown.

Ronald Wendell Volmer, Roberta Margaret Ambrose (Sotelo), Timothy Neil Sickle, David Ruff and Georgia Jean Bongiani Watson.

George Figgins, Earl John Gronbach, John Lloyd Novasio, Erasta Hicks, Norma J. Brester, Jack E. Goggins, Elwin Gordon Kirkwood and Carol Speigner.

Susan Gaylord Easton Fox, Colleen Christine Schroeder, Justin Wade Berg, Susan Fox, Evelyn Barthuly, Robert Stanley Cassidy, Annella Klink, Joyce Darlene Kohl, Evan John Griffith, Darin Dale Southworth, John J. Daley, Robert L. (Bob) Lane, Tianna Lee Roberts, Leslie Charles Englert and Allan Carl Stone.



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