Lovina Kae (Dipo) Letcher

Lovina Kae (Dipo) Letcher
Lovina Kae (Dipo) Letcher

Lovina Kae (Dipo) Letcher died July 29, 2017 in her home after a valiant battle with cancer. Kae was born November 7, 1939 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Edith and Henry Dipo. She was one of 11 children and was blessed to live her childhood on a street with most of her extended family.
Kae was an amazing mother, grandma, great-grandma and wife. She could bake anything and is well known for her wonderful cooking. Kae was fearless when it came to work and there was no project she was afraid to try. Kae remodeled homes, put in yards and always said, “Don’t buy that, you can make that yourself.” Shit, damn and hell were “mother approved” swear words and ass because it was in the Bible. There would be a slap for you if you said any of the others. Kae was fun loving and full of life. She had a beautiful, infectious laugh that sounded exactly like all of her sisters.
Kae was active in the Church of Jesus Christ throughout her life. She served in many callings with all her heart. The most special calling she served in was her “unofficial” calling of taking ladies to the temple on Thursdays. She always served others with love and compassion. Kae had a special knack of listening to others and loving them like family.
Kae is survived by her husband, John Letcher and her children, Val (Amy) Letcher, Monte (Mystie) Letcher, and Sonja O’Connell (John). She was blessed to have ​12 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She is also survived by four sisters and two brothers.
Kae was preceded in death by her parents, two brothers, two sisters and one great grandchild.
There are too many special people in Kae’s life to mention by name. If you are lucky enough to have crossed paths with her in this life, you were truly blessed and very special to her.
A memorial service will be at the Laurel Church of Latter Day Saints chapel, Friday, August 4, at 10:30 a.m. Wear bright, happy colors per Kae’s request.


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