Laurel firefighter victim of holiday thievery

On the 4th of July, during the finale of the fireworks show, Laurel Volunteer Firefighter Jono DeRudder’s bunker gear was stolen from a fence near the family VIP area. The thief made off with his coat, pants, boots, gloves, hood and helmet; as well as some custom gear with his name on it. The stolen gear will cost the city $4,000 to replace.
Laurel Volunteer Fire Department Chief Brent Peters is understandably exasperated and said, “I believe in the goodness of people, but I have to wonder if we’re going to have to beef up security for the 4th,” adding, “This thief took a firefighter off the street and makes him unable to respond to emergencies.”
The Laurel Police and Fire Departments are asking the public for help in tracking down the gear, and are watching eBay, Craigslist and any other place where the thief might try to unload the gear.


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