Gianfortes have ties to Laurel’s Montana Family Foundation

Greg Gianforte’s wife Susan accompanied her husband to the Laurel Outlook Friday, Jan. 15. Although she didn’t participate in the interview, she did state that she and the rest of the family had severed their ties to Jeff Lazloffy and the Laurel-based non-profit he founded, the Montana Family Foundation. Previously, she had been president of the board for the politically active organization. According to the foundation’s website at “the primary goal of the Montana Family Foundation is to affect public policy in a positive way from a Judeo Christian perspective. We do it primarily through research, education, and our involvement in court cases and the legislative process.” 

When asked about the Gianfortes’ involvement, Susan said she had resigned in February.

“It was a conflict of interest,” she said. 

A Jan. 14, 2016 decision by the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl found campaign communication violations were committed by the Montana Family PAC in 2012 related to the Bruce Tutvedt-Rollan Roberts Senate race. 

The Gianforte Family Foundation, which lists Greg, Susan and their son, Richard as officers on its website, lists the Montana Family Institute—the research branch of the Montana Family Foundation—as one of their namesake foundation’s many beneficiaries.

Since 2006, the Gianforte Family Foundation has given over $36 million dollars—over $6 million in 2014, the last reporting year posted—to organizations representing four areas. These descriptions are taken directly from the Gianforte Family Foundation website:


Jobs, Education, and the Family

These organizations work at levels ranging from local to international, advocating issues like school choice, quality education, religious freedom, economic improvement, and traditional family values.


Bozeman Arts and Culture

These organizations enhance the Bozeman community by providing local programs and cultural opportunities.


Valuing and Protecting the Vulnerable

These organizations work to help the hurting and lift people out of poverty by providing disaster relief, education, and emotional and spiritual support.


Christian Outreach and Discipleship

These organizations minister the Christian faith by sharing the gospel, providing discipleship, and supplying faith-based resources to individuals and families.



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