Court Report 4/20/17

The following reports are cases deposed by the Laurel City Court. The reports summarize the sentences imposed by the Laurel City Court. The Supreme Court software program does not always reflect the actual total of fines and fees, so a minor variation may report.
Chet Joseph Leatherberry, 32. theft, obtaining or exerting unauthorized control over property, second offense, $1,585.
Wheeler Harvey Alsabrook, III, 45, speeding, 38 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone, $65.
Nicholas James Tracy, 20, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, marijuana (60 grams or less) first offense, $335; and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, $225.
Sherry Makin Buikema, 62, careless driving, $135.
Christopher Ryan Bowman, 26, operating without liability insurance in effect, third or subsequent offense, 10 days jail, $385; driving a motor vehicle while the privilege to do so is suspended, two days jail, $275; and operating a vehicle which has not been properly registered, $75.
Catherine Hanser, 25, seatbelt violation, $20.
Kenya Lee Straley, 18, speeding, 35 mph in a 25 mph zone, $55.
Michael Shane Cooper, 40, operating with expired registration, $135.
Jedidiah Gabriel Shinn, 39, stop sign violation, $85.
Shirley Koch Rehling, 80, failure to stop and identify self after striking unattended vehicle, first offense, $285.
Robert L. Dickinson, 55, disorderly conduct, $185.
Jeffry Wallace Torno, 36, no motorcycle endorsement, $85.
Noah Alexander Gunther, 15, seatbelt violation, $20; and violation in use of traffic education learners license, 30 hours community service.
Jesus Alferdo Lujan-Arellano, 23, speeding, 40 mph in a 25 mph zone, $65.


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