Counselor happy to address 2017 graduates

Outlook managing editor

2017 marks the sixth time Brent Edgmond has been selected by the senior class at Laurel High School to speak at their graduation ceremony.
“It’s kind of scary,” he said. “But, I’m honored.”
Every class is different, Edgmond said. This year’s group of graduates has their own character, too.
“That’s the cool part, each class has made its mark in a positive way,” he said. “This class is really down to earth and involved in community service. They enjoy doing for others.”
Although Edgmond hopes his speech will be uplifting and humorous, he also wants to impress upon each of them that now is the time for them to reach for opportunities and to forge their futures.
“I want to be heartfelt without boring them,” Edgmond said. “It’s such an open door; they can take that next step and make a positive mark in society.”
Edgmond has spent his entire professional academic career in Laurel. He started as a science teacher.
“I taught chemistry and bio chemistry for 20 years,” he said. “Then I decided I could help students with more than balancing an equation; I could help them with life skills, skills that go beyond high school.”
For 30 years Edgmond has dedicated his life and time to Laurel students, although he did manage to marry and have a family as well. For the past three summers he’s coached Laurel’s American Legion ball club, the Laurel Dodgers. This summer he’s going to take some time off.
“I’ll still be working on school stuff, but I want to get reacquainted with the woman I married,” he said. “And, I’ll play a little golf.”
Edgmond thoroughly enjoys having such an important role in the life of students and he hopes his message to them comes through clear.
“It’s important to challenge them to have the courage to do the right things in life, to take care of family and have a positive impact on their community,” he said. “Once you do that everything else comes in line a little better.”
Edgmond said he hopes he has influenced students to “pay it forward for the next generation.” He certainly has.



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