Coaches’ Corner - 12/29/16

Michelle Gauthier steps into the spotlight in her first year as head coach for the Panthers
Outlook staff writer
Michelle Gauthier
Michelle Gauthier

The Laurel Outlook recently spoke to Park City head girls basketball coach Michelle Gauthier about her family and coaching philosophy.
Gauthier grew up in Belgrade and Clancy, Mont. She graduated from Jefferson High School in Boulder and then continued on, to MSU in Bozeman earning an elementary teaching degree. This is currently her 14th year of teaching, 10th in the Park City school district and ninth on the sidelines of high school girls’ basketball; this will be her first year as head coach. Gauthier also coaches junior high track.
Her husband Brandon, is a project manager at the CHS Refinery. They have two sons. Rylan, who is a junior (playing varsity on the boys’ high school basketball team), and Jake, who is in seventh grade. In her free time, Gauthier enjoys cheering on her children in their sports activities, scrapbooking, camping and fishing.
1. What is your philosophy on coaching young student/athletes? “I believe all my players need to be good people first, good students second and good basketball players third.”
2. What is your guilty pleasure? “I enjoy watching a good movie on the Hallmark Channel or a Glacier Chai Latte from City Brew.
3. What do you think scares your student/athletes the most in life? “I think my athletes are most scared of not knowing what tomorrow will bring.”
4. What are you most scared of? “I am most scared of losing my family.”
5. What or who got you into coaching? “Loving the game of basketball and the coaches I’ve had in the past have inspired me to become one myself. I would also have to say my grandpa, Wilbur Spring. He was the first to teach me how to catch a ball and loved watching and talking about the game.”
6. Why did you choose this sport specifically? Did you play growing up? “I started playing basketball when I was in the fifth grade. I played all through junior high and high school. During college, I played on an intramural team every semester. I also played for a couple of years on a city-league team with other Park City teachers.”
7. What professional athlete do you tell your athletes to look to as a positive ambassador for your sport? “I encourage them to watch women’s college basketball. I would rather they look to each other for positivity.”
8. What quote do you live by? “Well done is better than well said.”
9. How do you deal with the many different personalities on your team? “All my players have great personalities, so we just have fun together. If someone’s having an off day, I just try to joke around with them to lighten their mood.”
10. Why did you choose to coach in Park City? “Park City chose me. I was asked if I would coach when I interviewed to teach here.”
11. What are your hopes and aspirations for this season? “I hope for my players to strive to be good teammates and bring contagious positivity to the court every day.”
12. What is on your bookshelf? “‘You Win in the Locker Room First, 21 Ways to be a Good Teammate” by Jon Gordon and anything by Elin Hilderbrand.”
13. What song do you use to inspire and/or motivate your athletes? “I’m not much of a music person, so I use a variety of quotes.”
14. What is the best advice you have ever been given? “Hard work will get you far in life.”
15. What is the last movie you’ve seen? “Deepwater Horizon.”
16. What is one thing people would be shocked to know about you? “I’ve jumped out of an airplane twice for a tandem skydiving experience.”
17. Who was your role model or a person you looked up to when you were growing up? “My parents were my role models. Both of my parents worked very hard to provide everything that my brother, sister and I needed.”
18. Who was the most popular band when you were in high school? “I don’t remember who was the most popular; I just know that I enjoyed listening to Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.”
19. What are your team’s strengths this season? “Our strengths include our teamwork and our experience playing the game of basketball.”
20. What is your favorite part of your job? “My favorite part of my job is encouraging the girls to work hard and be positive teammates!”


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