Charlene Kay Vogel

Charlene Kay Vogel, 69, passed away Sunday, June 4, 2017, at Providence Hospital in Everett, Washington, after a battle with cancer.
She is survived by her mother, Beatta Orr of Laurel; two brothers, Ken Orr of Texas and Norman Orr of Montana; two sisters, Pat Giesick of Washington and Carole Thompson of Montana. Also surviving are two sons, Corey Vogel of Washington and Casey Vogel of Montana; and four grandchildren, Corey Jr. (21) Cooper Vogel (9) Brianna (7) and Cammie Vogel (6).
Born in Billings, Charlene lived the last 31 years of her life in Washington. She worked as a Medical Assistant for the urology practice of Dr. Pelman.
Charlene had many friends, patients, and relatives who knew her and would have something nice to say about her. She is someone who will be missed dearly and never forgotten.
If you knew Charlene and loved her like we did, please stop by and say hello to the family on Friday, Sept 22, from 4-7 p.m. at the Orr's, 1030 9th Ave., in Laurel.


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